What can I see on an Airbase Tour ?

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20th TFW Memorial outside the RAF Upper Heyford Heritage Centre
RAF Upper Heyford Heritage Centre
Entry Control Point, Gate 7, RAF Upper Heyford
20th CRS Avionics Maintenance (Building 299)
Entrance to Building 299 (20th CRS Avionics Maintenance)
View from the top of Building 299 with Hardened Aircraft Shelters in the distance. The crane is for unloading avionics pods
20th Security Police Squadron Fire Alert Party facility (Building 3104) and Brunswick observation tower in the Victor Alert/ QRA
Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS) 9 in the Victor Alert/ QRA
The ‘hardened’ side of Building 383, headquarters of the 42nd Electronic Combat Squadron
Entry Control Point (ECP) in the Weapons Storage Area (tactical nuclear bomb store).
Pedestrian Entry Control Point at the Weapons Storage Area
Nuclear weapon ‘pit’ or trigger store (Building 1007). This housed the nuclear bomb components before assembly
Blast wall opposite the Plant II B nuclear weapon assembly building
Plant IIB nuclear bomb assembly building
20th Security Police Brunswick Observation Tower Whiskey 21, Weapons Storage Area
Whiskey 13 watch tower in the original Sophisticated Armaments Store (nuclear H bomb store) opened by 1956. Is is haunted ?
Control Tower
Blast wall outside the Battle Command Post (Building 126)
Battle Command Post ECP (Entry Control Point)
Blast door entry in to the Battle Command Post
Internal security ‘cage’ in the Battle Command Post
The Battle Command Post ‘Pit’

Some buildings may not be available to view due to maintenance work etc